So I started using my new Blog V3 dongle, with the included antenna kit… and it turns out, a roof is even worse for reception than I thought. Also, V-Dipole antennas are significantly directional – at least, they’re directional enough for them to only work indoors when I am aiming them correctly. That’s no fun; I’m going to have to try again with a laptop and a friend sometime.

Here are today’s pictures. They’re all really short, and 2/3 of them are with my new equipment through a roof.

Uhh… it’s narrow, and it’s from Meteor M2. Open it in a new tab and zoom in on the right side, I swear there are clouds there. Trust me.
*Some* clouds are visible in the left-center area. Oh well.

And finally, an image from our Canadian friend:

NOAA 15 is working again! For now! It’s unofficial as of yet.

The guy in Edmonton kept taking his device offline so he could get an image himself, I guess. Luckily, I got a few seconds on his device for myself 🙂

Any images I decoded are © by me, courtesy of Russia / NOAA via their respective satellites.