I got a lot more pictures today! One from basically every satellite on 137MHz. I screwed up a lot of potentially good Meteor passes later in the day by forgetting to update all of the settings… yeah, M2 doesn’t use OQPSK or 80k symbol rate, so that recording is useless.

I think this one is just the normal M2. Too bad the SNR was poor for so long.

M2 “Visible” filter.
M2 Infrared filter.
M2 Thermal filter.

Generic NOAA picture. WXtoIMG has no clue where this one is 🤷‍♂️

NOAA 15 is producing good images still!
Thermal / extreme weather filter.

NOAA 18 pass over the East Coast of America.
More realistic filter (notice the sun reflection??)
Extreme weather filter.
For comparison, Doppler radar images from a weather website. Close!

NOAA 18 over Northwest USA / Canada / Alaska.

Random NOAA satellite pass. Map filter should make it easy to figure out where it was.

So I guess it was a productive day! I’m working on getting my setup more mobile so I can go places with my new antenna and actually get my own pictures. These are from the Edmonton and Cleveland people on the network.

Any images I decoded are © by me, courtesy of Russia / NOAA via their respective satellites.  Contact me for info.