I found an excellent guide on Instructables by user haslettj that helped me setup my Raspberry Pi 2b to listen with my Nooelec SmarTee, and my V Dipole antenna from the RTL-SDR.com Blog v3 kit. Unfortunately, I could only use the Nooelec dongle since the v3 blocks too many USB ports, and I need a WiFi connection.

I accidentally overwrote what could’ve been an even longer, much better image than this one, but this is the best I could grab.

“Contrast B” filter on WXtoIMG is better than Contrast A for this capture.
NOAA 18, by the way.

I don’t trust the map it built, but it still seems fairly close to accurate. I wasn’t able to get live-decoding setup before the pass.

Any images I decoded are © by me, courtesy of Russia / NOAA via their respective satellites.  Contact me for info.