I took the Raspberry Pi setup outside again, as mentioned here, and ran the scheduler again. I replaced all the old .sh files that were messed up by me editing them in Windows over FTP, and everything ran perfectly. I had my V-Dipole on the ground next to the Pi, 120 degrees between each 21.5″ leg, with the center facing south. I caught about 400 seconds of low-noise images! If I can get a laptop to use, this will be so much better – Meteor images will become practical.

This is the one automatically generated by the shell script.
This is one generated by WXtoIMG on my own pc. As you can see, the sun isn’t fully up over the US yet.
Weather filter.
A better weather filter.

I’m really happy. Clearly a roof makes all the difference in signal reception – getting outside got me so much further!

Any images I decoded are © by me, courtesy of NOAA via their respective satellites.  Contact me for info.